One Top, Three Fall Looks + The Effortless Goody Ponytail


Autumn, is that you? If you’ve been following me for a while you probably know that fall is my favourite time of year. Everything from the change in scenery to adding dark, bold colours to my wardrobe, refreshing my work/life/fitness routine and of course… LAYERS. Now is the time to take advantage of blazers, scarves and cute booties you’ve got in your closet - it is time for them to shine, even if it won’t last for long.

Check out how I’ve created three different looks with one lace top. Continue reading to see how I’ve been doing my hair lately using Goody accessories, I call it the Flawless, Effortless Ponytail!

Matte is in for Fall: Check out the POREfessional Line


Can we take a moment to talk about how it's September already?! I spent the last few days getting ready for fall and am excited to transition my wardrobe to muted tones + rich colours, but still holding on to the warmth for as long as I can!

Speaking of seasons changing, it's time to put those epic dewy foundations away and embrace a nice contoured matte face. Benefit Cosmetics recently came out with makeup that exactly helps with this while reducing the look of pores/skin sensitivity. How amazing is that?

IT Cosmetics is *FINALLY* Available in Canada


After years of hearing some of my favourite YouTubers and media talk about how amazing IT Cosmetics is, we finally get a chance to explore the brand ourselves at Sephora Canada. Such an exciting moment!

Stay Inspired


Yesterday I woke up with the biggest smile on my face. After 3 and a half weeks of a headache constantly swirling around my brain and the back of my eyes, I finally felt it fading away this past weekend. I tried getting more sleep, increasing my daily exercise, changing my diet (a bit)... even gave up coffee for a couple of days. Nothing helped until I stopped complaining and went on with my life regardless!

Vichy Skin Essentials for Summer


If you haven't tried any skincare products from Vichy yet, you need to stop what you're doing right now (...maybe after reading this post) and go to your local drugstore! Ever since indulging in the masking trio last year, I have been testing and adding more items to my skincare routine.

Fortunately for me, Vichy has kindly been sending me their launches as they hit the market and to be honest, it's hard to choose one product I've been loving this year so I'm going to tell you about FOUR!