Apr 16, 2014

Weekend Casual

(Photos by James)
Outfit Details: Runners (Ardène), Jeans (Forever 21), T-shirt (c/o Smart Set), Bracelets (H&M), Sunglasses (Chanel)

For the first time in years I decided to buy runners again. I honestly think the last time I wore a pair like this was probably when I was 14, but when I spotted them for only $9 (or $15 if I bought two) I really couldn't resist. It's hard to tell in the photo because of the sun, but they are actually a faded, light denim with a grey undertone.

Lately James and I have been taking my niece to the park at least once on the weekend, and we have both been enjoying the bonding time... not to mention playing outside! I'm really hoping for good weather this long weekend, so I can spend more quality time with her. She's growing up so fast, I can hardly believe she will be 4 this June!

If life is getting too busy for you, I encourage you to take a step back and just enjoy this time that you have with your loved ones. You may never get it back.

Apr 9, 2014

Pale Pink for the Office

Apr 1, 2014

Prepare for the Summer with Lady Speed Stick Nutra-Skin

The weather forecast finally looks like it is starting to warm up; even the slightest bit of sun is getting everyone excited about patio season. With picnic afternoons and beach days around the corner, it's time we start to prepare one of the most delicate areas on our body: underarms!

Mar 31, 2014

Revlon by Marchesa Beauty Tools (+ giveaway)

Remember that time I got to try the Revlon by Marchesa nail appliqués and did a step-by-step tutorial as well? The two brands collaborated once again to come up with this stunning collection of beauty tools.

Presented in three haute couture designs, The Revlon by Marchesa Beauty Tools is a collection of 7 items, two of which are full sets. I'm a sucker for lace, so naturally, this entire collection quickly became a staple in my routine. What I love the most is how travel-friendly everything is; you can easily fit it in a cosmetic bag and carry it with you at all times.