Pack Less, Travel More

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

(Photos by James)

Outfit Details: Button-up T-shirt + Earrings (Forever 21), Cross-body Handbag (Aldo), Black Gladiator Sandals (Ardene's), Pearl Bracelet Set (Joe Fresh)

Whenever I'm travelling, whether it's for a weekend or 10 days, I always prefer to pack light. The idea of lugging around giant suitcases throughout a trip really bothers me. I would rather have less (and most necessary items), than things that I know I probably won't need at all.

Of course this can be difficult, especially if you want to look great the entire time you're away. Choosing between your favourite beauty products or shoes is a daunting task, but if I can do it (the girl who is attached to EVERYTHING in her room), trust me, you can too!

It took me a long time to figure out how to pack properly and efficiently. Here are a few tips I abide by, and maybe they can be helpful to you.

  • Start by gathering what you need the most. This would be your undergarments, sleepwear, and socks if need be.
  • Once you have packed those items, look through your wardrobe for outfits that you would like to wear. I normally do laundry right before a trip, and it helps me sort through clothes that I would like to take, and I put the rest away.
  • One thing to keep in mind while you're packing is what exactly you will be doing during your trip. You might have to pack a few dresses for special occasions, or if you are going on more of an adventurous vacation, you will need more comfortable clothes along with running shoes or hiking boots.
  • Time to pick your shoes and accessories. I tend to go for timeless pieces, like a pair of black sandals and a mixture of gold-plated and silver-plated jewels (necklaces, earrings, bracelets), as I know these items will match all my outfits perfectly.
  • Choosing what facial, skin and beauty products to bring is the toughest part of packing. You always have to keep the airline limit in mind (if there is one), and bring the most important things. I usually pack my shampoo, conditioner and other necessary items into small containers, you can find them at your local dollar or drug store. For makeup, I bring items that I use regularly, that being powder foundation or tinted moisturizer, blush, eyeliner, and maybe a couple of lipsticks. Unless I am planning on attending a destination wedding, there is no use for a full eyeshadow set. I usually just throw in my Urban Decay palettes, and I'm good to go!
  • Once you are done packing all the necessary items, and if you have still have space for more, this is when you start filling your bags with more items  that you want to bring.
  • TIP for more space: If you don't want to check in any bags, try to bring more efficient carry-ons. I always bring one carry-on suitcase, a backpack with my electronics and other items I could fill (this would be considered my carry-on personal item), as well as a small cross-body handbag (like the one pictured above). I can easily get away with all three items.
That sums it up. I would love to know how you pack or if you have any tips and tricks to share!
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