Goodbye Summer

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

(Photos by Maria)

Outfit Details: Maxi Dress (Katie Clothing), Denim Jacket (Buffalo Jeans) Brown Wedges (SPRING Shoes), Necklace (Ardene's), Pearl Ring (Forever 21), Beige Clutch (random shop at an airport...)

There's something about the end of summer that makes me really sad, but happy at the same time. While I enjoy going to the beach, neon bright clothing, BBQ and picnics at the local park, autumn is my favourite season. I love all the new arrivals, darker and more prominent colours, and chilly nights. I'm afraid that as the years go by, this season gets shorter and shorter but I still like to embrace it as much as I can before winter peaks in.

My friend Joy from tweeted this great recipe for oatmeal yesterday and that's when I knew I was ready for summer to end. I've already started organizing my wardrobe for the fall/winter, so this will mark as my last outfit of summer 2012.

One of my favourite trends was the classic denim jacket with a floral-print dress, and that's what I've done here with this maxi dress. The contrast of the dark denim goes well with the beige, and I added white as a slight accent to brighten up the look.

What were some of your favourite trends for this past summer? Maybe we can reminisce together. :)
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