Polka Dots and Poetry

Friday, November 9, 2012

(Photos by Maria)

Outfit Details: Polka dot Shirt (Costa Blanca - gifted), Maroon Skirt (H&M), Suede Boots (Nine West), Bracelet + Handbag + Ring (gift), Necklace (Forever 21)

Every season I clean out my room and closet - donate clothes and items that I no longer use, but also get rid of things that don't hold the same meaning as they once did.

This time I've been reading a lot of my old journals and trying to decide whether to keep them or not, but in them I found some poetry that I once loved. Now that I'm older (and a bit wiser, I hope, hehe), I understand them better and from a much different perspective too. One of my favourite poems is by a Canadian author and writer, Margaret Atwood, called Variations On The Word 'Sleep'. It is beautiful and brings me to tears everytime.

I would like to watch you sleeping,which may not happen.I would like to watch you,sleeping. I would like to sleepwith you, to enteryour sleep as its smooth dark waveslides over my head
and walk with you through that lucentwavering forest of bluegreen leaveswith its watery sun & three moonstowards the cave where you must descend,towards your worst fear
I would like to give you the silverbranch, the small white flower, the oneword that will protect youfrom the grief at the centerof your dream, from the griefat the center. I would like to followyou up the long stairwayagain & becomethe boat that would row you backcarefully, a flamein two cupped handsto where your body liesbeside me, and you enterit as easily as breathing in
I would like to be the airthat inhabits you for a momentonly. I would like to be that unnoticed& that necessary.

Do you ever go through old journals or items from the past that you just can't throw away?

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