Welcoming 2013

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

 (Photos by James)

Every year I host a Pre-New Years Bash at my house and invite a small group of close girlfriends. We usually have a potluck and do Secret Santa, exchanging gifts after enjoying a nice dinner. I started this tradition back in 2010 as a way to see them one last time before the year ended, but now it seems we also manage to spend New Years Eve together as well - which is amazing.

This was the third year and I decided to take charge and make it a little different with a Mexican feast. I was able to make this happen thanks to James, also known as The Guerrilla Gourmet, who gave up his entire Sunday to help me cook the meal while I prepared the smaller items, set up the table and did other things around the house.

In the midst of entertaining and eating I tried to get a few photos of the evening to share with you!


This is what the table looked like. For appetizers we had homemade tortilla chips and different kinds of dips including salsa, spicy avocado dip (almost like guacamole), and a layered 3-cheese, salsa and sour cream baked dip.


A photo of my lovely girlfriends right before we devoured everything.


You can see the burritos on the top right - we had many different kinds! If you're looking for a recipe, try this one. They are super filling and really yummy.


I prepared the Mexican rice from scratch.


This is what the homemade salsa looked like, it was sweet, tangy and delicious!


The avocado dip was sour and spicy... I practically ate this as my meal, it was so so good. 


Another group photo right before everyone headed home.

I forgot to get photos of dessert, but I opted for apple crumble with vanilla ice cream, as we didn't have enough time to make churros.

I hope you all had an amazing holiday and have a fantastic year ahead of you. I'd love to know what your resolutions are for 2013!
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