Winter Wonderland


(Photos by James)

Outfit Details: Patterned Skirt (Whitney Eve), Wool Sweater + Leggings (H&M), Necklace (Butterfly Beads), Handbag (Marc Jacobs), Combat Boots (Steve Madden)

I've come to a realization that if you are bundled up the right way, you won't hate winter as much. Of course I still prefer warm weather over all else, but having a wardrobe full of cozy mitts, scarves and wool socks really helps conquer the cold.

Plus, who says you can't look cute in a bulky sweater? In the outfit above I'm actually wearing a wool-blend sweater; it's so warm that I sometimes even break a sweat while working in the office. I'm still able to pair it with a beautiful patterned skirt and leggings and don't feel cold, as I usually top the outfit with matching winter accessories before stepping out the door.
January is looking great so far. I got a new Macbook Pro, which isn't the best thing for my wallet but much needed and deserved! I also caved and got a gym membership and have been eating fairly healthy with 1-2 cheat days a week. I have a few exciting projects that I'm currently working on and can't wait to share them with you here.

How is your January? Keep me posted!

20 comments on "Winter Wonderland"
  1. OMG you are so cute! And I'm glad you got photos with the snow!! Hehe

    And can't wait to heat about your projects :)

    1. Thanks Maria! Excited about Sunday! :)

  2. Love this outfit... the pockets on that sweater are such a nice touch! So pretty with the snow in the background. January is seriously flying by... how is already the 9th?!? Looking forward to hearing more about your new projects. Have a great day!

    1. Hi Steph! Thanks :) And yes, January is going by so fast... the rest of my month is already packed. I don't know how this always happens!

  3. Nice photos! Great outfit!

  4. i'd add a pair of warm boots! after years of being "cute but frozen", i finally got sorels. my toes have not stopped thanking me. LOL. you look wonderful - the skirt is adorable.

    phiphi's blog

    1. Yes, warm boots are a must! I often wear winter boots and change at work. Maybe I'll do an outfit with them on the blog. :)

  5. Love this look especially those boots! You look fab!


  6. Oh snow .. Must see it one day: (
    You visited my blog and I came here to see your.. I'm following you back.

    1. You've never seen snow?! Toronto got some snow this year (finally), it has been a decent season for winter activities but the past few years were bad!

    2. Oh I never saw, because I live in Brazil and here, you know, it's just too hot haha (:
      Ah I put the second photo of the outfit on my blog, with credits:

    3. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I love it. xoxo!

  7. Your skirt is so pretty and I love it with that sweater!! And look at all that snow! Im not sure i'll be seeing that this winter.


  8. hello! of course you look cute, but I wouldn't say that is a bulky sweater... I mean, I'm always quite cold and I do have some bulky sweaters I don't think are very flattering...! but anyway thanks for the advice, and yes I've started 2013 as you say: bit on a diet, new ideas, some excercise... love

    1. Hi Anna,

      No it's definitely not a bulky sweater, but it is super warm.

      I'm sure you can rock a bulky sweater though, maybe wear it with tights or leg warmers. If you accessorize nicely with bracelets or a necklace then you could make it work! :)

      Good luck with 2013!

  9. Great pictures! Love your look,especially the skirt :)

  10. it looks adorable on you! my favorites are the top and the boots :)


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