Be My Valentine: A Cozy Night In

Monday, February 4, 2013

We have all been there; nervous for date night and unsure of  what to wear or how to keep it casual and comfortable but still look chic as ever. In celebration of Valentine's Day coming up next week, I have collaborated with local boutiques and designers on a week-long series to help you out a little!

As much as I love fast-fashion and trendy pieces like the next girl, it's time to ditch the easily-accessible H&M and Zara, and go for something unique for Valentine's Day... after all, it only comes once a year.

The first of this series features an outfit idea for A Cozy Night In. This look is perfect if you're planning to stay in for the evening; perhaps rent a movie, order some Chinese food (or better, prepare a meal together), cuddle by the fire and enjoy each others company.

A tunic can be styled for daytime, and easily accessorized for the evening as well. Paired with your favourite tights and booties, it could make for the most comfortable outfit. If you're looking for one with a unique print and flattering fit, check out Monikova, a Toronto-based clothing line by Monika Francikova. This designer has an eye for femininity; her collections are timeless and work well for all seasons.

Monikova tunics and blouses can be found at the boutique-chain Fresh Collective, which features stylish and unique clothing, jewelry, accessories and shoes (all few of a kind) from local designers at an affordable price. If you don't live in or around Toronto, you can still shop from their online store!

Photography: Emanuel Pires,
Makeup and Hair: Kristen Foote

Look out for Be My Valentine Outfit #2 tomorrow!

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I'd love your feedback on this mini-series (should I do more or never again? hehe) so please comment below, tweet or e-mail me.
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