HUG Cookies & Champagne Party


(Photo by James)

Outfit Details: Collared Shirt + Floral Tights + Ring (Forever 21), Shorts (H&M), Bracelet Set (Butterfly Beads), Handbag (Kate Spade), Boots (Steve Madden)

Last night I went to the annual Cookies & Champagne Party hosted by The Hip and Urban Girl's Guide at Steam Whistle Brewing. If you've never been or even heard of such a thing, it's a big gathering that happens in Toronto, where guests are asked to bring 3 dozen homemade cookies and then participate in a cookie exchange while hanging out with a fantastic crowd and enjoying a drink or two. You also have the option to not get involved with the cookie exchange and simply buy the networking ticket.

There were some really great vendors on-site and perfectly themed for Valentine's Day including LUX-Spa offering manicures throughout the evening, Inspire Cosmetics, Arbonne, Samantha Stylish, Laborde Designs, Stella & Dot, Le Dolci, Pita Break, Summer Fresh and more.

This was the first year that the HUG ladies opened up the event to guys as well. I was impressed to see 10 per cent of the crowd were men. ;) Hopefully there will be many more next year.

James went to the HUG Cookies & Champagne Party with me and had a fantastic time. Maybe I should drag him to more events with me, hehe.

It was good to see + catch up with Raymi again! Yep, we were stuffing our bags with cookies.

There were sooo many choices. I was amazed at some people's creativity.


Saw some beautiful pieces at the Laborde Designs booth, and had a nice time chatting with Margarita who was representing the brand.

Always great seeing Canadian/local brands being represented at events! Samantha Stylish (left) is a writer and photographer, and on the right we have Manda, who is the head designer for Manda Designs.

I will be uploading the rest of the photos from HUG Cookies & Champagne Party along with recipes of the cookies James and I made on PB&J Mag in the next few days. Look out for it!
6 comments on "HUG Cookies & Champagne Party"
  1. Lovely outfit, your shirt is gorgeous!


  2. What a fun event... so many cookies! :) Looking forward to seeing what you and James made. The edging on your blouse is so pretty!

    1. Thanks Steph! We will be putting up the recipes this week on! They were delicious and disappeared instantly.

  3. love the floral tights!

    please follow and comment :)


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