Indoor Glam

Wednesday, March 27, 2013



(Photos by Maria) 

Outfit Details: Top (Zara), Skirt + Clutch + Ring (Forever 21), Necklace (H&M), Ring (Myles Sexton), Bracelets (Butterfly Beads), Boots (Nine West)

All weekend I kept thinking about doing a reflective piece on World MasterCard Fashion Week but realized that pretty much everyone who attended is doing that already. One of my favourite reads throughout the week has to be Toronto Standard, specifically Kevin Naulls and his honest reviews. It was fun to see him call out some of the big media and industry people. I think the moral of his stories was that we're all human, there is no need to be nasty with each other.

However, I really enjoyed doing style posts each day last week and introducing you to amazing Canadian jewelers with special giveaways. They are still running for another week, so go ahead and enter!


Custom NAYME Necklace
Set of 5 Rings from Tissh by Gloria Lee
$60 Gift Certificate to Keepsake Jewelry by Deborah Kanfer

These photos were taken before WMCFW and I remember it was on a day where it was FREEZING outside, so Maria and I decided to move the shoot indoors. I love the glam look of these, my living room makes for an excellent space to shoot photos. ;)

All I have to say about this outfit is that Red, Black and Gold = Timeless.

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