Crop Top With a Skirt


(Photos by Maria)

Outfit Details: Top + Skirt (H&M), Earrings + Necklace (Forever 21), Crossbody Bag (Poppie Jones), Bracelets (Butterfly Beads), Ring (gift), Boots (Vianni Collection)

If you've been following my style posts for a while, you would have noticed that I've worn this skirt in the fall, winter and now spring! It's easily one of my favourite pieces and I can't believe it only cost about $6 when I got it!

I'm sure you all remember back in the 90's when crop tops were HUGE. You could wear any kind of fitted and printed crop top (including tie-dye) with a pair of blue jeans. They're definitely back again (I've been seeing them since last spring/summer) but slightly altered for more of a classy look. They are no longer skin-tight and I don't think anyone would be caught wearing a tie-dye one!

I'm not one to show off my stomach, so I prefer to layer crop tops over a fitted dress or with a high-wasted skirt. It is definitely more professional and doesn't give off that casual, "I'm at an indie concert" vibe.

How do you like to wear your crop tops? I'd love to know!

6 comments on "Crop Top With a Skirt"
  1. Gorgeous outfit! You have such an uplifting smile!
    Fashion Ganache.

    1. So nice of you to say that, thank you! :)

  2. I love this outfit. Crops and birds seem to be hot this season.

    1. I definitely see them everywhere - I have so many items with bird print, haha!

  3. Pretty! And $6 for that skirt... what a great find!

  4. cute outfit =)
    And I was wondering if you like to attend a charity fashion show on May 4th 2013 (if yes can you feel free to tweet to me at @MyLyfeMyStory)
    My Lyfe ; My Story


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