Insta-Monday: Fun Invite, Retro Shades + BlushPretty Shoot

Lately I've been busy with meetings and work so I haven't been at my regular pace of attending events. Regardless I managed to snap photos of cool things throughout the week, including an amazing time I had co-styling a music-inspired photoshoot for BlushPretty!

Listed from top to bottom, left to right:
  1. A surprise in the mail from BIB Communications and Dufferin Mall, which turned out to be an event invitation inside a balloon. Very creative!
  2. Retro, 90s-inspired colourful shades I spotted at Fitzroy Boutique.
  3. Co-styled the BlushPretty photoshoot with Nicole of Dainty Girl. We had a blast!
  4. Makeup galore! I love peeping into other people's collections... must be some sort of beauty pleasure. Ha!
  5. The first look I styled was for Country Girl. The model, Tania, had a beautiful smile.
  6. Took a team photo with the model (Tania), hairstylist (Laura) and makeup artist (Donna).
  7. The second look I styled was Popstar Poptart with model and beauty blogger Danielle of Liner & Glitter & Gloss. She looked STUNNING.
  8. Another team photo with the model (Danielle), hairstylist (Laura) and makeup artist (Donna).
Have a fantastic week, friends.
8 comments on "Insta-Monday: Fun Invite, Retro Shades + BlushPretty Shoot"
  1. Great roundup! What a fun job you have! Serious job envy going on right about now... Have a great week!


    1. Thanks Zahra! I'm sure your job is fun too girl. :)

  2. Makeup stash!! I love those pics!!

    1. Ha, I know right... makeup collection videos on YT are my favourite.

  3. Looks like so much fun! I would have died seeing all of that makeup (such a junkie).

    Ally @

    1. I hear ya, I wanted everything (that I didn't own already... LOL).

  4. Fun photos! Nice styling... love that abstract print dress on the second model! :)

    1. Thanks! Can't wait to share the photos from the shoot!


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