Hot Pink Tights

Wednesday, May 1, 2013


 (Photos by Maria)

Outfit Details: Dress (H&M), Tights + Ring + Pearl Necklace + Earrings (Forever 21), Gold Necklace (Foxy Originals), Bracelet Set (Butterfly Beads), Suede Pumps (BOC Shoes), Clutch (gift)

It's no secret that I love colour, in fact when most people see me the first thing they comment on is how colourful my outfit is. While I love to embrace it I'm still pretty wary about trying trends like neon tights and pants. Every colour or shade isn't made to suit all skin-tones, so it's natural for one to be scared to implement it into their wardrobe.

Regardless, I decided to make the purchase of hot pink tights and paired them with black and bright jewels as an accent.

What do you think about neon tights and how would you pair them? I'd love to know!
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