Walmart Frugal Heroes Challenge

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

(Photos by Maria)

Walmart Canada declared May 2nd its National Day of Savings and invited bloggers around the country to take part in the first-ever Frugal Heroes Challenge. The idea behind the campaign was for each blogger to find and share cost-effective solutions within their niche (whether it's fashion, beauty or other) while staying on a budget.

Walmart Canada offered me a $100 Gift Card to style an entire outfit and to share how much I could get and save with that amount.

I used to shop at Walmart all the time as a kid; my mom would pick out the most stylish outfits for me. As I grow older I'm starting to realize how important it is to splurge on classic and timeless pieces, but for fast-fashion I always stay on a budget and try to spend as little as possible. That's why the Walmart Frugal Heroes Challenge wasn't that hard for me. I made sure to keep a bigger budget for my shoes, and to spend less on everything else.

The first thing I spotted at Walmart were the coral platform wedges ($20) and worked my way up from there. I've been wanting a comfy pair of skinny floral jeans for a while, so when I saw that this gorgeous pair ($12) matched my wedges, my outfit was almost complete. I picked up a casual brown tee ($12) and some accessories ($18 total) to add as an accent.

Did I meet the $100 budget with this outfit?


I got the entire outfit above (6 items total) for only $71 before taxes. How incredible is that?! This look is on-trend with printed denim and coral, but it's also perfect for the weather we have these days in Toronto. You will definitely see me sporting these pieces that I got from Walmart, together and with other outfits as well.

What did I do with the leftover budget of $19.77?

I got a FABULOUS bright pink raincoat! Naturally... I had to take funny photos to share my excitement.

How do you think I did on the Walmart Frugal Heroes Challenge? Share your savvy budgeting tips with me @summerxskin.

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