FASHION Magazine Style Panel: Interview Look

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

(Photos by Maria)

Outfit Details: Printed Pants + Necklace (c/o H&M), Handbag (Kate Spade), Pumps (Nine West), Ring (Myles Sexton), Bracelet (Drama Queen by Flhair)

This week FASHION Magazine asked the Style Panel experts how to dress for an interview and still look stylish. Check out all of the tips (including mine)!

One thing I learned at a very young age from a recruiter was that interviewers may look for a few things when they're analyzing your appearance: how your hair looks and how much skin you're showing.

There is a way around to making sure you can avoid the negative thoughts, and that is simply to tie your hair back and make sure your legs are covered. Luckily, printed pants and skirts are in this season, so why not style one for a chic, office look?


What do you think of my interview look? Comment and let me know!
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