Lancôme Virtual Gallery: 20 Bloggers for a Rose

Friday, June 21, 2013
A couple of months ago Lancôme Canada asked me to take part in a special, secret project for Luminato Festival 2013. I was thrilled and immediately said yes.

Lancôme's iconic symbol has always been the rose which symbolizes femininity, colour, light, freshness, sensuality, birth, maturity, innocence, passion, emotion and seduction; all in one!

Lancôme Canada curated photographic work by top Canadian beauty, fashion and lifestyle bloggers in a virtual gallery installation that was presented at David Pecaut Square during Luminato Festival.

20 Bloggers for a Rose: The Lancôme Virtual Gallery

Bloggers were asked to share a personal interpretation in the form of a photograph that was inspired by the iconic rose. To experience The Lancôme Virtual Gallery, people were invited to download the smartphone app (available for iPhone or Android) and browse through the gallery while being present at David Pecaut Square during the festival (June 14-20, 2013).

Not sure if I say it enough on my blog, but I'm kind of a tech geek and found this whole augmented reality technology SO cool. I checked out The Lancôme Virtual Gallery on the first day and took a photo of what it looked like on my iPhone.
20 Bloggers for a Rose: The Lancôme Virtual Gallery - See more at:

It's really awesome (and weird at the same time) to see my face on a smartphone app! The gallery rotates and shows all of the 20 photographs as you move around at David Pecaut Square. Some of my favourite bloggers and friends were also featured including Nicole (Dainty Girl), Maria (Beauty and a Bite), Rema (The Burgundy Book), and The Broken Heel Diaries.

Here is a more clear photo of what the app looks like:

You can also view all of the 20 submissions online, click here to see mine!

"To me the rose symbolizes beauty. While inner beauty is what truly counts, it's okay to express it in the way you dress or wear makeup. Putting in that extra effort can make you feel that much more beautiful and confident. Go on, wear the colour you feel the most pretty in and take on the world!"

Special thanks to Headmistress for letting me borrow a BEAUTIFUL floral crown and clip! If you haven't heard of Headmistress or Jillian, the lady behind it all, check out the online shop. You can hold me accountable for any purchases made. ;)

Thanks for all of your continuous support!

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