Recap of Digital Dreams VIP Weekend with Smart Set

Friday, July 5, 2013

It seems as though all I've been talking about lately is my weekend with Smart Set at Digital Dreams Music Festival. Through this campaign I was able to host a giveaway, share outfits I wore, AND now I'm doing a full rundown of what happened.

If you're not sure what Digital Dreams is, it's an electronic music festival that gathers local and international, DJs and they play throughout the weekend. There were three stages, all playing different types of music, which was neat because you get to choose where you want to hang out, but you can also easily move around.

The 12 bloggers that Smart Set chose to bring (including me) got to spend two nights at The Gladstone Hotel. We were greeted by the friendliest staff, had a nice lunch and surprise manicures while getting to know each other!

If you're ever looking to hang out and snack somewhere with your beau or friend, I recommend The Gladstone Hotel! We devoured all of the platters in no time.

We all got manicures, hand and shoulder massages courtesy of the ladies at Body Beauty Mind. Would you believe that my nail polish is still on and hardly chipped?! It's been six days.

The Gladstone Hotel is very artistic, colourful and inspiring. My hotel room was themed Chinoiserie (room 417) and I loved it because it felt like I was hanging out in the Victorian era. I don't think I'd actually set up my own bedroom this way but it sure was nice being in a different atmosphere for a weekend.

Shortly after lunch we had a Smart Set shopping party at Toronto Eaton Centre. We were all given the opportunity to pick out clothing we liked courtesy of Smart Set. I'm so happy with all of my new clothes!

We finally made it to Digital Dreams (day one)!! Here are all of the 12 lovely bloggers. It was amazing how well we got along. I also liked how we had our own VIP booth with food, drinks and our own bathrooms.

From left to right, top to bottom: Amber (Canadian Fashionista), Marilou (Vagabonde), Zarah (Me Myself & Montreal), Camille (Le Cahier), Gabrielle (Dentelle+Fleurs), Aurelie (Lili Brunette), Carrie (Zurbaines), ME, Christina (The Style Mogul), Jenelle (Nelle Creations), Alexandra (I'm a Little) and Kate (O My Heart).

Out of all electronic music I enjoy dub-step the most, so I hung out at that stage for a while. Everyone was having such a fantastic time and I loved all of the lights.

The best thing about Digital Dreams was the Smart Set Bubble. You basically go into a giant bubble, they zip it up and you get to dance to music and throw confetti for about 10 seconds. It all gets recorded into a video, which you can share on your Facebook profile. Loooved this idea!

Day two started with a delicious brunch at The Drake Hotel. I've always heard great things and was super excited when I heard we were going there. I tried chicken waffles for the first time, YUMMY!!

Just hanging out with lovely bloggers. So nice to meet the girls from Montreal and New Brunswick!

On the second day of Digital Dreams we got to hang out backstage and eat amazing food, talk to DJs and got A LOT of free merchandise. Check out our hats and t-shirts!

Aside from hanging out with the girls, all of the clothing, food and hotel perks, my favourite part was seeing Tiesto live. I've heard from so many people in the past that it's always an amazing time listening and dancing to his music, but experiencing it was INCREDIBLE. I've had electronic beats in my head all week.

Big thanks to Smart Set for making this possible! Hope you enjoyed my coverage of Digital Dreams Music Festival 2013.
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