Whitney Linen Summer 2013 Lookbook

Tuesday, July 9, 2013
I recently worked with the team at Whitney Linen to create a Summer 2013 Lookbook that would give women an idea of how to wear their light-weight clothing this season and still look super stylish.

Click on the virtual pages to navigate through the lookbook.

I asked five of my girlfriends to style a look that suited them the most, using pieces from Whitney Linen along with accent items from their own wardrobe. We created six looks in total and they all turned out to be beautiful and unique!

Thanks to my wonderful and talented team for helping me put this project together! The credits can be found at the end of the lookbook, or you can browse through them here:

Organizer & Editorial Direction: Anum Khan / SummerxSkin.com

In collaboration with Whitney Linen

Jewelry: Marka Designs

Photographers: Rasesh Jamkhandikar, James Rubec

Videographer: Larry Prom

Makeup & Hair: Ashley Zimmerman, Yan Jin

Models: Stefania Mancinelli, Ashley Seki, Vanessa May Ramos, Ashley Bennett, Janny Tram, Anum Khan

In case you can't view the lookbook or want to see the photos directly in this post, here they are! I've labelled the model (who also styled the outfit) below the photo.

Stefania Mancinelli

Ashley Seki

Vanessa May Ramos

Ashley Bennett

Janny Tram

Anum Khan (me!)

What do you think of the Summer 2013 Lookbook? Tell me in the comments. I will also be sharing a fun behind-the-scenes video (+ photos) later this week!

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