Insta-Monday: #SparkSessions!!

Monday, November 18, 2013
I've been talking about Spark Sessions for month (online and offline), and I can't even express how amazing it was to see our little project come to life in a big, bold way!

This is a quick run-down but I'll be doing a more lengthy one soon with lots of photos and details. :)

Listed from top to bottom, left to right:
  1. Group photo of the Spark Sessions Executive Committee (l-r): Nicole (Dainty Girl), me, Melissa (The Domestic Peach), Anjali (Rock That Look), Deanne (My Fash Avenue), Elaine (Toronto Beauty Reviews), Marissa (Chic Darling) and Jenny (Crazy Style Love).
  2. Our opening keynote speaker was Jeanne Beker! She had a very inspirational speech and answered so many great questions from the audience.
  3. I moderated a couple of panels throughout the weekend, one of them being about my favourite topic: Branding, Blogging and Social Media! Our speakers were Sheryl Bhagga, Crystal Gibson and Nicole Wilson.
  4. James was at the conference all day and night with the team! He was such a great helper and did everything he was asked. :)
  5. Our closing keynote speaker was Elaine Lui a.k.a. Lainey Gossip! She is just so awesome and funny... it was a fantastic way to end the conference.
Stay tuned for more posts this week! I've got lots to share. Connect with me through Instagram and Twitter as well!
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