We're Officially Engaged!

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

There is always a purpose to a vacation or trip, whether you're going to meet someone or getting away just to relax and unwind. Yesterday I came back from a 10-day vacation to Pakistan; the best part was that I took James with me to meet my family. We had an official marriage proposal in front of everyone, and an engagement party to celebrate as well!

It was an incredible experience doing this in front of my family, and I'm so grateful everyone genuinely got along and had a fantastic time. We're already planning our next trip to Pakistan together, hopefully in Spring 2015.

Ring exchange with my grandmother in presence = priceless. Unfortunately my brothers and dad weren't there with us, but my mom planned the entire weekend with my cousins and aunts! So thankful for everyone who participated and made this happen.

Gazing at each other's eyes... :)

I'm back from my mini and sudden blog hiatus and have SO many exciting things to share with everyone. The holidays are coming up; all the streets and shopping malls are starting to look STUNNING!
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