During the Ice Storm

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

(Photos by James)

Outfit Details: Sweater (Costa Blanca), Skirt + Bag (H&M), Necklace (Zara), Boots (Aldo), Scarf (c/o Ardene), Ring (c/o Smart Set), Bracelet (c/o Jewelry by Jurate)

We all thought the ice storm would go away as quickly as it came, but it has now been three weeks and Toronto just keeps getting colder! This is definitely not the type of weather to be wearing heels or have bare legs - dress warm, ladies.

I wore this outfit a few weeks ago for a pre-holiday dinner that I throw for my girlfriends every year. You know that I love to dress up but don't sacrifice comfort and this look definitely screams it. The sequins on my sweater make it glamorous and the bulkiness adds a nice touch.

Lately I've been obsessed with this mixed metal zipper bracelet that was kindly gifted to me by Jewelry by Jurate. I'm not usually one to wear gold and silver together, but with this bracelet you don't even feel it. Both metals complement each other and allow you to match any type of accessory you want. It is lined with really soft velvet, which feels great on my wrist. The best part: I can actually type while wearing this bracelet!

Hope you like this look! Lets hope the weather warms up soon. :)
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