The Fuzzy Cardigan

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

(Photos by James)

Outfit Details: Cardigan (Forever 21), Bag + Clutch (c/o Smart Set), Leather Leggings (Aritzia), Striped Shirt (c/o Dynamite)

Lately James and I have been so overwhelmed with work and wedding planning that we jump at any excuse to just relax and have a good time with people. Last week one of our mutual friends invited us to hang out with him and the crew at Fairmont Royal York. It's one of my favourite hotels in the city, so it definitely prompted a quick photo session.

I scored this amazing fuzzy, somewhat baggy, cardigan from Forever 21 and could not even wait to wear it. I had a really casual-edgy look in mind; I knew that pairing it with leather leggings would be an interesting way to go. It turned out to be the perfect Friday night outfit, especially considering we had a pretty low-key evening with dinner and chit-chat.

Now I'm trying to find other ways to wear this cardigan. I love the texture and warmth it brings. How would you style it?

P.S. it's James' birthday today, so go on over to Twitter and wish him a good one! :) 

We are in the midst of planning our big Pakistani wedding (October 2014) and while it's very exciting and fun, it's also stressful and eating up most of our free time. I'm curious to see how many of you would actually be interested in hearing more about the progress. Most women seem to like this type of stuff, so let me know if I should keep you all in the loop!
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