Blush Sequin Blazer

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

(Photos by James)

Outfit Details: Blazer + Gold Open-Toe Pumps (H&M), Leggings (Aritzia), Tunic (Spoof Store), Bag (London Fog)

Whenever a long weekend arrives I take it as an opportunity to do some major cleaning; this past weekend was no excuse. I got rid of more than four garbage bags full of clothing and accessories. Naturally through this process I came across some items that I'd only worn once or twice before. Spring is the one season where you can experiment with as much colour as you want, so this is the look I came up with!

I previously wore this blush pink sequin blazer with a full black outfit early last year and have also worn the blue tunic with a crochet top.

Next time you have a little time to yourself, I urge you to thoroughly look through your wardrobe; you'll be surprised at how many new outfits you can come up with just by mixing up prints and accessories!
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