My Ombré Experience at Oskar on Scollard

Monday, July 28, 2014

In the heart of Yorkville filled with men in suits and women with shopping bags, there lies a beautiful hair studio called Oskar on Scollard (68 Scollard, Toronto). The moment I walked in I was immediately drawn to the colour palette, unique furniture and chandeliers on the ceiling. I knew that I'd love it here.

The team at Oskar on Scollard had kindly asked me to come in and try some of the services they offer. I had a consultation with Ethan who is the salon manager and senior hair stylist. He suggested that I keep my length the way it is and get a trim to get rid of the split ends, and bangs to shape my face. I've been trying to grow my hair long for the wedding coming up in October, so this seemed like a great opportunity to simply freshen up my locks a little.

Once we decided on the right cut for my hair, I consulted with the senior hair colourist. Darren noticed that I had been growing out my highlights and recommended that I keep a similar colour and just blend it more and brighten it up a notch for summer. He also suggested replicating the colour in a subtle way on my bangs.

I wasn't really allowed to look at my hair until both Darren and Ethan completed the entire look. Usually when I'm getting my hair done, the stylist will give me a stack of magazines to browse while they do their thing, but Kim, who is owner at Oskar on Scollard, came by entertained me the entire time with hilarious stories.

Here is what I looked like once they were done with me:

Incredible or what?! I couldn't be more happier with my first real ombré experience. I was also really struggling with what I should do to my hair while it grows, but this is just so easy to maintain until then.

Here is a collage of the different ways I've been styling my hair since I got the new 'do:

While I love to straighten and curl my hair, I find that even just letting it air dry naturally gives the ombré a really nice effect. This also means using less heat on my hair which leads to healthier locks!

Huge thank you to the entire team at Oskar on Scollard for fixing me up and getting my truly ready for summer. I highly recommend them for all your hair needs!
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