Gift Ideas from The Body Shop

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

If you're anything like me and still need to do some of your shopping, I know the perfect place to pick something up for the people in your life: The Body Shop! Almost every woman has a collection from there that they gravitate towards and although most men won't admit it publicly, they're usually pretty satisfied with products from The Body Shop as well.

My favourite part about The Body Shop is that they have gift sets in different price ranges that are nicely packaged, so you don't even have to go through the hassle of gift wrapping... unless you enjoy it. ;)

Festive Picks ($25): This package is great for The Body Shop lover in your life! It comes with five essential items: shower gel, body butter, body polish, soap and a loofah. Did someone say relaxing bath? If you have some more money to spend, I'd even throw in a book for their reading pleasure.

With the Festive Picks gift, all you need to do is pick a scent; it helps if you know the type of fragrance your friend or family member likes, but otherwise I'd stick with something neutral like Shea or Honey Mania. My favourite collection from The Body Shop is Mango!

Beauty Bag ($15): Many gift-exchange programs have a smaller limit, so if you're playing Secret Santa and need to pick up something for less than $20, I highly recommend the beauty bag option from The Body Shop. These come with four items: shower gel, body butter, hand cream and a loofah - but all in a smaller size.

If you and your partner or friend usually give each other multiple smaller gifts, you should definitely put one of these under the tree for them! I'm actually obsessed with hand cream from The Body Shop, so I know I would be extremely happy to receive the beauty bag!

The Body Shop has really great gift ideas, especially if you're a last-minute shopper because you don't need to worry about gift-wrapping, they will help you out. This year The Body Shop has teamed up with War Child to give the gift of education to children! With every purchase, the company will make a contribution that funds a class for a child. That alone is definitely worth it.
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