Resort Life at Grand Bahia Principe in Jamaica

Monday, January 19, 2015

Feels like a lifetime ago when my husband and I went on our honeymoon. Many people asked where we went, how we decided on a spot, and what our experience was. I thought I'd share it all with you here.

Firstly, we didn't go on our honeymoon right after the wedding. We actually took a few days off to settle into our new place and adjust to each other's work routines. This was important for us. We also wanted to have a chance to say bye to all our family and friends who were visiting from various parts of the world, so taking these extra days to stay in the city was valuable.

James and I decided on our honeymoon spot about a couple months before the wedding. We knew that in late November the weather in Toronto would be transitioning into winter and we wanted to go somewhere sunny and warm, so we figured that was good timing. We made a short list of things we wanted to see/do at our trip and compared notes.

My husband wanted to go somewhere to relax, sit by the water and catch up on reading. I really, REALLY wanted to see dolphins in real-life. We researched those specific items and narrowed it down to a few resorts in Jamaica. After looking at tons of photos on Instagram, Pinterest and Google we decided on Grand Bahia Principe. It had great architecture, wasn't too far from most excursions and had an adults-only area which turned out to be a saving grace for us!

The rest.... is history. We had an amazing time during our 5-day stay and I have already recommended for a lot of our friends and family to go there if they ever plan to go to Jamaica. It truly was a beautiful, clean resort with friendly staff and delicious food! I'll let the photos do the talking.

Just looking at these photos makes me want to go back and take in the sun a little more! Can't wait for the weather to warm up again in Toronto.
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