Corporate Twist

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dress: c/o Rachel Sin | Bag: c/o Clare Vivier (LOVE!!!! this one) | Shoes: c/o EXPRESS

When you picture a corporate work outfit, what do you see? I almost imagine it to be one colour, with no real shape or structure, perhaps even a bit mundane. But... who said it has to be this way?!

It's really easy to get bogged down in that 9-to-5 life where you are too lazy to spice up your wardrobe because you think that matching pantsuit will do the trick. However, chances are you are more likely to stand out (in a good way) if you step outside the comfort bubble. If I'm going to a corporate meeting, I like to have fun with my outfit! If my dress or pants are a bit cliche, I'll throw in a pop of accessories or killer booties.

If you're looking for non-traditional workwear, especially dresses that you won't see every other woman wearing, I highly recommend Canadian designer Rachel Sin! Each season she puts on an incredible show at World MasterCard Fashion Week, showcasing new pieces including dresses, blazers, skirts, tops and pants that you won't find anywhere else. I love how each collection is themed around a colour or fabric-trend of the season, making you look stylish and timeless all year around!

What do you do to add a little twist to the traditional corporate outfit?
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