Kijiji Unique Gifts: The Big Reveal!

Monday, December 21, 2015

At last... it's the big reveal! Earlier this month James and I announced that we're going to explore to the second-hand economy to buy a Christmas present for each other.

We went to vintage shops together, bookstores, and then some more shops to try to find gifts. It helped because we got a good sense of what the other person was looking for, but ultimately, turned to Kijiji to find the perfect gift! Continue reading for big surprise.

I looked for all types of books and leather goods on Kijiji -- while there were a lot of great options, I kept searching to find the "it" item. Similarly, James saw a few different things suitable for me, and picked one that fit and matched our place.

If you're married or live with your partner, I'm sure you can understand how difficult it is to hide gifts from each other! I can always tell when something is different about our condo, and James is really good at getting secrets out of me... it's a lose-lose situation!

Trying our best to hide the gifts for each other, we wrote cute little riddles and put them in boxes for the other person to try to guess the item. Then took the actual gifts out from our hiding places and here they are...

Ta-da! I found this incredible Coach messenger bag on Kijiji and James was super surprised. He was convinced I got him books to add to his collection, and while that's exciting for him, this was totally the winner. It is in perfect condition; I even talked to the seller a little bit before picking it up just to be safe it was worth the purchase.

Look at how happy he is!

Check it out! I got a cute, cozy coffee table that fits perfectly in every corner of our condo that James found on Kijiji. The idea was to get one that we can have on-hand when friends come over for coffee, but also be able to rest it as a side table. The colour also goes well with our living room theme. I love it!

Doesn't the bag look good on the coffee table? We're already dreaming up lots of ways to style it and I can't recommend Kijiji enough if you're looking for second-hand gifts -- you can get anything for any budget! 

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This is a sponsored post. However, all photos and opinions are my own.
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