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Friday, December 18, 2015

Every year it's the same deal. James and I get 3-4 gifts for each other for Christmas; while most of them are little stocking stuffer-type items, we get one main gift that's more special, a bit on the pricier side and really something we've been wanting for a while. This time we've decided to shake things up! We are turning to the second-hand economy to find the ultimate gift for each other, and we're sharing our journey with you.

Anum's Journey

We began our journey by exploring used bookstores and vintage shops in the city a few weeks ago. Little did we know we had some great ones right in our neighbourhood! There are lots of options on Bloor, between Lansdowne and Dufferin, and they vary depending on what you're looking for. This was also a way for me and James to spy on each other, and see what sorts of things catch our eye.

While going to the stores, I definitely started to notice a pattern. James loved going through racks and racks of coats! He really likes light-weight jackets, as well as shoes and leather goods. These were all excellent hints and did help me narrow down some good gift options.

It can be a little hard finding the perfect gift, especially if you've decided to look to the second-hand economy. There are, of course, great benefits. Shopping second-hand means that you can pick the price range that you're willing to pay for gifts, but another thing that I love is that you get to support your community by shopping within it!

As much as I liked checking out the stores, I decided to turn to Kijiji and found exactly what James has been wanting this year!

James' Journey

Smart man, James always begins shopping by making a list first. I'm really lucky because he has good taste and generally knows what I would like, so I knew this gift challenge was probably going to be a piece of cake for him!

I've been looking at different options for a side table in our living room, or a coffee table. I want something that is both beautiful and functional, one that we can move around if needed. When I spotted this bar cart I thought it was definitely worth considering!

The more we browsed, the harder it became for me to narrow down what I wanted this Christmas. I love home goods, but look at all these beautiful fur coats!

After digging around, James had a pretty good idea of what to get me for Christmas, and turned to Kijiji to find the ultimate gift for me. His favourite part about the Kijiji website is the search tool! You can be as vague or specific as you want, and narrow your search down to the price range that you'd like to pay, and also the location that you're willing to get to in order to pick up the item(s).

We are SO excited to reveal our gifts! James and I are trying to keep it hidden from each other, but lets see how long that lasts. Lucky for us, we'll get to open our gift before the holidays. ;)


Be sure to check out Kijiji Second-Hand Economy for more of our journey; you'll also find some great online shopping tips.

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This is a sponsored post. However, all photos and opinions are my own.
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