Ready to Face the New Year

Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dress: Zara | Flats: Via Spiga | Clutch: Aldo | Bracelets: gift | Earrings: Aldo

I don't write many reflective pieces here, mostly because I'm not sure how you feel about them. But bear with me as I write my thoughts down on what 2015 was like for me; I also want to give you a glimpse of what I have planned for the new year -- it's quite ambitious!

The last year was challenging, yet probably one of the most rewarding years of my life thus far. James and I dove into our first year of marriage and survived; no couple is ever perfect, and while we have our differences and little arguments, I'm happy to report that we are more in love than ever and I'm truly lucky to have him by my side as my husband and best friend.

My work-life was incredible. In 2015 I was given lots of new opportunities that showed me exactly what I'm capable of and which direction I want to go next. There were a lot of long hours, but we worked tremendously hard and it showed through our success.

Can't forget about this wee little blog of mine, which grew in ways I didn't think possible! I've been writing SxS for more than three years, and it was really 2015 where I began to realize the potential and how I could turn it into something more, something bigger. I was presented with lots of fun opportunities, including some that will unveil in the new year! Honestly, some days are tough and I wonder why I still keep up with my blog + social media, but then I quickly remember the community I've built and how many incredible people I've met along the way and I'm so so so grateful. If you're a regular SxS reader, I'm so happy you come by often and if you're a newbie, I promise... I'm super friendly and would love to meet you one day!

2016 will be an interesting ride. I'm starting a new gig in January, which is the next step in my career and I'm STOKED. Keep your eyes peeled for the big announcement on Instagram and Snapchat (summerxskin). I also got my hair done and will share photos on the blog next week! I don't typically set or keep resolutions but I do have a few goals I'd like to achieve in 2016:
  • I've been quietly working on a small business project with James and I'm super excited to launch it in Q1 of next year. Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly! I promise, it's cute. ;)
  • James and I are going to try and eat out less, which meals MORE meal prep and work-out routines to add to our busy schedule. I'm going to create a Pinterest board dedicated to this shortly. Feel free to share any good, healthy recipes you may have! I'd love to try.
  • Plan and schedule ahead (at least 2 weeks in advance). This is a hard one for me; I'm super organized and punctual with my day job, but I need to get into a better blog rhythm so I don't panic or stress out over deadlines. I'm going to try to stay on top of my posts and write them ahead of time, so I have consistent content for you guys.
Let me know if you enjoy these types of rambly posts -- I'll try to write more of them! I'm also curious to hear what your 2016 goals are, comment here or tweet me. :)
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