Lip + Scents to Love at Shoppers Drug Mart

Friday, February 19, 2016

Recently I had the pleasure of attending a Lips and Scents event hosted by Shoppers Drug Mart in celebration of Valentine's Day. If you're unfamiliar with these shopping parties, I encourage you to check out a Beauty Boutique near you and ask them if they have a calendar of events they can share with you. I promise, it's always a great time.

Over the course of two days, Shoppers Drug Mart taught guests how to create the perfect ombré lip, explore fragrances that fit their personality, handed out treats and gave complimentary makeovers. It was incredible to see how many people came by for the event and I loved meeting new beauty gals!

Do you know what type of scent you're typically attracted to? I had a sense of what I liked, as I typically lean towards something feminine yet clean (like laundry). Shoppers Drug Mart has booklets that helps you match your personality to a fragrance and ingredients that you would naturally be attracted to. I was definitely surprised to find out that I got FLIRTY, and I loved all the scents that were recommended for me.

The most exciting part of the event was getting an ombré lip done by a professional makeup artist! I've been obsessing over this trend since early fall and while I have my own little way of achieving this look, it was fun to hear someone else's process of doing it.

Check out the final look! You know I'm all about that bold lip, so when she paired these two Stila All Day Liquid Lipsticks (shades Dolce and Ricco) for the ombré effect, I was one happy lady. Almost immediately after, both lipsticks were SOLD OUT because everyone kept asking what she had used on me. I didn't even get a chance to pick them up for myself, but that's okay, I'll definitely be going back to pick up both of them.

I had such a fabulous time at the Lips and Scents event at Shoppers Drug Mart with Kaylee  (The Blondielocks) and Amanda (Pink the Town)! If you missed out on the event, click here to check out video demos, featured products and more.

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This post is sponsored by Shoppers Drug Mart. However, all opinions are my own.
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