Hair Refresh from Onaré Salon

Monday, May 2, 2016

Last weekend Onaré Salon in Mississauga invited me to get a hair service done of my choice. They must have been paying attention to my hair story here and here because I was in serious need of a colour refresh!

Since my mom wasn't going to be here for Mother's Day and that was the only weekend I could spend time with her, we decided to make a date out of it and both got our hair done.

Onaré Salon (2100 Hurontario Street, Mississauga) has been voted as the "Top Hair Salon" in Mississauga in 2014, 2015 and 2016. They have an excellent team of professionals who take good care of you and your hair, as well as an academy where students can take courses and learn from the best in the area through hands-on sessions.

My mom and I both decided to get our hair dyed. I got a full head of colour; a refresh of the red-burgundy tone that I've had for the last few months. My mom got a blend of caramel-blonde highlights, just in time for her trip to Florida!

Our hairstylists Joanna and Ashley made us feel relaxed and comfortable for the entire two hours that we spent at the salon. Tip to keep your skin safe from harsh hair chemicals: use vaseline close to where your roots are, similar to how my hair looks in the photo above, and this way the dye or chemicals won't have direct contact.

Check out how amazing our hair looks! I was so impressed with the service and style. Onaré Salon helped us achieve exactly what we were looking for. My mom and I had a great time and happily frolicked around the city feeling fresh and fabulous!
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