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Monday, August 22, 2016

Your skincare routine can be as complicated or simple as you choose for it to be. As I get older, I often think about giving my skin a detox or being less harsh with the different types of products or chemicals I use on a daily basis. Now available at beautyBOUTIQUE.caIDC (Integral Dermo Correction), a Canadian company, has simplified the anti-aging process for us by producing a line of skincare that is easy to use, customizable based on your needs and provides effective results!

When I was first introduced to this skincare brand a couple of months ago, I was most eager to try the IDC SPF 50 Facial Sunscreen. Being allergic to the sun for most of my life, anytime I see a product that offers a sun protection factor higher than what is required, it is immediately a must-try in my books! I was so pleased with the longevity, texture and just how well it worked for me that I decided to give the entire collection a try.

Continue reading to see the IDC anti-aging products I highly recommend you give a whirl, including just the two you need to ensure a good routine!

One of the most impressive products from IDC is the award-winning Regen Express; a one-step skincare routine that gives you anti-aging benefits for the face, eyes and neck. Used daily (morning and night), IDC's patented Regen-16 works to target and correct fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, firmness and more.

Why is it impressive?
  • You no longer need to have 16 different types of moisturizers for the day or before you sleep when you can find all the benefits you require in one product
  • A lot of research has been put behind IDC's technology, especially Regen Express, which makes me feel more safe about using it on my skin
  • Like most people, I simply don't have time for a full fleshed 30-minute daily skincare routine; knowing that this is quick and effective is a huge +1 for me 
IDC also acknowledges that everyone's skin is different. As photographed above, Regen Express comes in a variety of formulas depending on what it is you like to use or focus on.

IDC Regen Express: Original, multi-benefit skincare solution that works on all skin types. Apply this all over your face, eye contour and neck throughly after cleansing. This is truly a busy woman's dream!

*NEW* IDC Regen Express Mat: This includes everything the original IDC Regen Express has to offer AND it mattifies your face, eye area and neck at the same time! If you have combination or oily skin, you'll want to get your hands on this one.

IDC Regen Express Perfection: As mentioned earlier, I have sun allergies and like to get my hands on anything that offers protection for my skin. Regen Express Perfection is similar to the original formula, but it adds a tint for fair to medium complexions and offers SPF 15, making it easier to wear out during the day.

IDC Pearl Ultra-Purifying Gentle Cleansing Gel: If you're like me and don't use toner or a cleanser for different purposes, IDC Pearl will be perfect for you. It has natural pearl extracts that gently micro-exfoliate while removing makeup, dirt and impurities. I use the cleansing gel on my face, eye area and neck with my Clarisonic device and rinse with water. However, it's perfectly safe if you use your hands or however else you prefer to cleanse.

IDC Trilogy Mask: All the features and benefits of a professional facial...from the comfort of your home! IDC's Trilogy Mask combines three levels of natural exfoliation (mechanical, enzymatic and chemical) to give you purifying and peeling benefits + improved skin texture. Set time aside to do this on a weekly basis (10-20 minutes) and your skin will be on its way to flawless-ness... if it isn't already!

Honestly, I didn't pay attention to masks and the importance of them until this summer and I'm so happy this landed on my lap. I usually mask while watching TV or prepping for a shower before bed.

Let's face it. We can look tired, haggard and often TWICE our age after a long stressful day. Why not give your skin a boost of radiance to revitalize the way you look and feel?

IDC Regen Boost: After cleansing daily, apply a full drop of this magical supplement to your face and neck to help fight skin burnout. This product contains IDC's patented anti-aging technology (just like the entire collection) as well as vitamins and ingredients to fight and prevent dullness, colour/tone loss, sensitivity and dehydration.

Out of all the products mentioned today, the two that are key to anti-aging skincare would be the IDC Pearl Ultra-Purifying Gentle Cleansing Gel and IDC Regen Express. Use these side by side, twice on a daily basis, and you'll begin to get the results you'd hoped for! It also simplifies your skincare routine by telling you exactly what you need and when.

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This is a sponsored post. However, all photos and opinions are my own.
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