How to Style a Jumpsuit

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Jumpsuits have become exceedingly popular over the years. Some people adopted the trend right away and can totally rock it. There are others that may be taking a little more time to “jump” on the bandwagon. A common reason why some women are afraid to try the jumpsuit trend is because they aren’t sure how to wear it, and it’s a reasonable fear to have! Jumpsuits are very bold, and if you don’t feel like you’ve really nailed it, you risk drawing attention to yourself without the confidence to back up your outfit choice.

Luckily for those who are having doubts about trying this trend, there are actually some simple styling tips that will help you nail the look. Below are some of the easiest ways to style a jumpsuit. Anyone can pull it off!

1. Heels with Wide-Leg Looks
Along with the jumpsuit trend has also emerged the ‘70s trend. Silhouettes from the decade have taken over a lot of looks, especially when it comes to pants. If you opt for a wide-legged jumpsuit (a take on ‘70s bellbottoms), it’s important to lengthen your legs with a pair of heels, as seen in StyleCaster. Flats with a wide-legged jumpsuit will look frumpy and sloppy—not the look you want!

2. Tailored Outerwear
If you want to add something to wear over your jumpsuit, make sure it is fitted. A tailored blazer, which Lyst suggests, will give you a great shape for the office. Jumpsuits are all about drawing attention to your waist, so whatever outerwear you choose should support that initiative, such as a cool leather jacket or a casual, denim one.

3. Statement Jewellery
To make a solid jumpsuit pop or to simply glam it up for a more formal occasion, bold jewellery is your best friend. Anything from a statement necklace to an eye-catching cuff on your wrist is enough to transform your jumpsuit into a much more intriguing piece. Try a chunky chest-piece.

4. Pops of Colour
A good jumpsuit outfit is not complete without a fun pop of colour. Some women choose to add playful details using neon shoes or a graphic handbag. Others, as pictured on, choose their jumpsuit to be the ultimate pop of colour, existing in a bright fuchsia and keeping additional accessories minimal and neutral to avoid overdoing it.

5. Keep Style Consistent
The best general piece of advice for styling a jumpsuit is to keep with the look or style you’ve chosen. If you are wearing a jumpsuit for a formal affair, remember to keep jewellery and shoes consistent with the glamorous appeal. If you want to wear your jumpsuit for a casual day of errands, pair it with sneakers, a cross-body bag, and an optional denim jacket. Staying consistent with your add-ons and beauty look are key to making sure your jumpsuit doesn’t seem out of place.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll quickly realize jumpsuits are actually the lazy girl's easy go-to outfit!

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