Getting Back into Flow with Yoga Tree Studios

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

When I first began yoga practice (seven years ago), I was stiff, barely flexible and didn't have a clue as to what I was doing. As much as I wanted to roll up my mat and escape the class quietly, I took the polite route and stuck until the end. On my way home, I had a new sensation in my body that I didn't know existed... I was actually feeling relaxed. I didn't ever want to lose that feeling; I started doing yoga daily, sometimes twice a day, and kept the momentum for a year.

Somewhere between growing up and building my career, I forgot to keep up with my practice. It wasn't until recently this year that I was given the opportunity to start again with Yoga Tree Studios and I could NOT pass it up!
James and I have been going to classes for 3-4 weeks now, and I can feel the strength, flexibility and calmness coming back. At the beginning of each class, I feel super tense from my stressful/crazy workday, and by the end of it, I swear I'm like a whole different person.

While there are so many yoga studios in the GTA (with new ones popping up weekly), Yoga Tree Studios has a unique way of teaching its members. Each instructor ensures that everyone is getting the most out of their practice, from learning a position to stretching the right way, and helping your body reach beyond what your mind thinks you can't do.

The classes I've been truly enjoying are:
  • Jivamukti - I look forward to Tuesday evenings SO much because I get to attend this class (Spadina location) for 75 minutes, and then fall peacefully asleep soon after. It's such a liberating feeling when you are finally able to do something you couldn't before, and each week, it feels like a totally new experience!
  • Core Yoga - Firstly, I'm not even sure how we were able to get up for this early on a Saturday morning (Bay/Dundas location), but I'm so glad we did because it was an hour-long intensive class that aims to work on your core body strength. Some of the exercises we learned were AMAZING. I can't wait to go back.
Unfortunately I did go on a bit of a hiatus with yoga last week because of the flu (the last thing I wanted to do was spread germs), but I'm excited to dive back in this week! Next on my list is to try a few of the popular Flow classes, get back into hot yoga and of course, continue to do MORE Jivamukti.

Sweater: very old (c/o eLuxe) | Leggings: Joe Fresh | Sports Bra: Reebok

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This post is in partnership with Yoga Tree Studios. 
However, all photos and opinions are my own and 100% honest.
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