Pretty Scents for Summer

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

You didn't think I'd forget to do a roundup of my favourite summer scents, did ya? I'm an avid collector (and wearer) of perfume and when I like a certain type, it becomes a serious relationship really quickly.

A few months ago I shared a list of fall fragrances I was loving and thought to do a refresh of that now. Continue reading to find out which new fragrances I'm loving this warm season, as well as a couple of staple favourites of mine!

Guerlain Mon Guerlain: A couple of months ago I went to the unveiling of this perfume. We had no idea what Guerlain was going to surprise us with, and I'm SO happy that it was this stunning scent in a bottle. I've always loved their fragrance packaging (especially La Petite Robe Noire... I mean, come on) but had yet to find one that smelled right for me. Enter Mon Guerlainit is warm, a bit musky from sandalwood, but the blend of jasmine, vanilla and lavender add sweetness. Make sure to let it settle into the skin for a bit, because you won't capture the true scent right away.

This is going to sound weird but usually by the end of the day, all you want to do is shower and get stinkiness off you. This perfume is THE OPPOSITE. I love how it smells after a long day! Maybe I'm just a weirdo...

Yves Rocher Summer Collection Eau de Toilette: If you prefer a scent that is more fruity than floral, this scent is for YOU. Coming at an extremely reasonable price for a perfume, this year's summer collection has seasonal fruit and citrus notes meshing to create a fresh scent that is absolutely perfect for the beach (or a picnic). You can also get shower gel or hair mist in this collection.

I'm going to have to hide this one from my mom, she loves a good fruity perfume and would 100% steal this from me.

Love & White Diamonds Elizabeth Taylor: Coming in HOT this year is this floral musky goodness. I'm convinced that each time I put it on, I smell completely different from last time but that probably has to do with all the different floral notes including jasmine, rose and gardenia. The flowers are paired with musk, cedar and sandalwood to provide that hot summer day feeling. I've gotten quite a few compliments wearing this perfume, which automatically means that it's one of my favourites now. ;)

Also, isn't the bottle so pretty?!

Marc Jacobs Dot: I'll be honest, when my hubby picked this up for me a couple of years ago for Christmas, I did not like it. I didn't tell him though... until now as he reads this post. However, I quickly realized it was because I wasn't wearing it during the right season. Dot by MJ is a surefire summer scent, and that makes such a big difference because I'm now obsessed with it and have been since last year.

It's definitely a familiar scent with berries, dragon fruit, and honeysuckle; you probably have something like it in your collection. It's the coconut note that peeks through once in a while, making me weak in my knees. All of these things cocktailed together smell like HEAVEN.

I'd love to add more fun, summery fragrances to my collection. Ping me on Instagram and Twitter and tell me what your favourite perfumes are!

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