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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Friends, I may look calm in these photos but inside I am freaking out! As if life wasn’t already busy, the holidays make everything 10x crazier.

Decorating, hosting dinners or attending parties, scouring through shopping malls to find outfits or gifts. Don’t get me wrong, it’s enjoyable and worthwhile to see the smiles and happiness when everyone is gathered together, but things can definitely get hectic if you don’t plan or organize how you’re going to get it all done!

One thing that truly helps me around this time of the year are gift guides. I get so many ideas from them, and love reading them as much as I enjoy curating them for my blog! Lately I’ve been drawn to sentimental pieces, gifts that truly last a lifetime. I’ve come to appreciate the value of jewelry, and anytime I wear a necklace I immediately think of the person who gave it to me, or memories of what I was doing or how I felt when I bought that gold bracelet for myself.

Last year I discovered Blue Nile; they’ve got an incredible selection of jewels on their website (and select stores in the US). Whether you’re curious about engagement rings, looking to accessorize your holiday outfit, or simply a new pair of sparkly earrings to add to your collection, you can definitely find something that works.

The best part? You can look for jewelry within your budget! Blue Nile’s jewellery gift guide helps navigate and narrow down what it is you are looking for.

On top of this, you can pick the price range you’re comfortable in staying within, and choose from the selection. Check out these Gifts Under S100, I’m absolutely in love with all the pearls - classic and timeless.

Blue Nile also has gemstone gifts by birthstone; although I normally browse all the colours to see which one I like and purchase it regardless of it being my month. Anyone else do that?!

If you can get ahead on some of your holiday-related tasks now, you may feel a lot more relaxed once December rolls around and enjoy time with your loved ones.

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This post was kindly sponsored by Blue Nile Canada.
However, all photos and opinions are my own and 100% honest.

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