Benefit Cosmetics Introduces More Lip Colours

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

A couple of years ago I randomly came across and bought this lip kit by Benefit Cosmetics; I genuinely find this brand to be innovative in products they launch. After sharing my first impression, I ended up reaching for a couple of shades way more than I thought -- Revved-Up Red was my jam for a while.

Since then Benefit Cosmetics sent over three new shades (at least new to me), and friends, I honestly think they have improved the formula + pigment by MILES since the first kit I tested! Continue for swatches and mini reviews of each shade.

Ruthless Red

I already know it, this is going to quickly become one of my favourite red shades to wear! Since the formula is really buttery, it's perfect for those days when you don't want anything too mattifying or dry. I tested this for a whole day last week, and was impressed that the stain lasted for quite a while until I decided to re-apply after lunch!

Bare Affair

I'm biased because I'm a bold-lip kind of gal through and through, and still struggle to find the perfect nude lip for my skin-tone that doesn't make me look like I'm dying, haha, but I can see a lot of my girlfriends rocking this pale nude and they would look absolutely fantastic!

Hotwired Pink

Stop the presses, I think I've found my summer colour! This bright pinky-red shade is absolutely stunning, and truly different from all the lippies I own... and I have a lot! I can see myself wearing this in France + Vancouver (planned summer trips) as well as to corporate meetings and events. I find it very cheerful and versatile.

Have you given the Benefit Cosmetics lipsticks a try yet? I'm so curious to hear what you think - let's chat on Twitter or Instagram!
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